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Who We Are

Collis Heritage Spa was founded in December 2023. It is the result of the wealth of knowledge and experiences of Collis Veneto Wine Group, a first-level cooperative among the top ten in the Italian wine industry.

In this new venture, two distinct spirits merge: Collis Heritage combines the history, winemaking tradition, and family values of Casa Sartori 1898 with the modernity and innovation of Cantine Riondo. Two essences united under a single passion: the enhancement of the territory through its most authentic wines.

Today, Collis Heritage boasts a turnover of approximately 100 million euros, a production of 40 million bottles, and a presence in 70 countries across all sales channels. The operations involve 140 employees and over 100 operational agents worldwide.

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0 countriesacross all sales channels
0 millionof consolidated revenue

Our Mission

Collis Heritage meets the needs of the global wine market with a range of wines embodying authentic identity, rooted in the territory, tradition, and innovative know-how of Italian craftsmanship.

Just like in real families, cooperation and sharing are fundamental values for the Group: Collis Heritage supports brands by providing technical expertise and commercial and distribution strength. Each brand, in turn, leverages this collective wealth to express its own unique and irreplaceable nature through its products.

Our Calling

Every day, we devote all our attention to the territory, vineyards, and grapes, ensuring that each bottle of wine reflects the quality and uniqueness of our work.

The productive technological innovations we introduce allow us to improve our wines with deep respect for the land and future generations.

Our wine families work every day with craftsmanship, preserving a strong and authentic connection to the territory and its culture.

The knowledge, passion, and zeal of our families are the beating heart of all our projects. The synergy between different expertise is the most precious asset to cherish for evolution.

The wine market is changing: the pursuit of high-quality standards and the ability to look far ahead in product development have become crucial.

Only a great group like ours can set the ambitious goal of combining the past and the future, interpreting tradition to anticipate the demands and tastes of the younger population.

Collis Heritage has a broad and solid structure. We operate with experience and seriousness, ensuring clarity in operations and trust in relationships.

The strength of the Group allows us to have complete control over the entire production chain, making us reliable and transparent partners for the trade and consumers.


We believe in sustainability as the cornerstone of our work: from the vineyard to the bottle, our focus on a circular economy, respecting the planet, is always paramount, and this has allowed us to receive the best environmental certifications.

Since 2023, we have been certified by Equalitas, a recognition that embraces three important pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. Having our products and over 300 certified companies ensures environmental stewardship, social well-being, and profitability for a constant drive towards change and innovation.

For years, our group has been committed to innovative projects that start with an efficient economic vision and management of the entire supply chain.

From the vineyard to the finished product, each phase is under the direct control of the company to ensure consistent grape quality and efficiency throughout the production and commercialization process.

As part of the best practices aimed at safeguarding the planet’s ecosystems, our commitment to environmental sustainability begins with the adoption of practices and specific protocols to protect the vineyard, limiting the use of chemical agents.

Our goal is to achieve sustainable and virtuous agriculture, to enhance the land and its fruits, aiming to meet current needs without compromising production for future generations.

Expressing one’s individuality for the well-being of all our collaborators, creating a positive and stimulating environment; these are values ​​that the group strongly believes in and continues to invest in.


Our brands express all the souls of Collis Heritage.